Upload Prescription – Process

Prescription can be uploaded by clicking on upload Prescription button, which will redirect you to upload Prescription page. The click on upload Prescription page to upload the image file of the Prescription saved in your PC. Further fill the required information and click save at last.

Upload Prescription Guide

Purchase Online Guide Customer

Upload Prescription

Customer can get his prescribed medicine from the pharmacy of his own choice, just by uploading the scan copy of the prescription provided to him by the doctor. He just has to upload the prescription page, select the range, fill the details and, click on save. Henceforth, his prescription will be forwarded to numerous pharmacists in his selected range.

Next is, the customer will be replied by the pharmacists in regard with the prescription order price along with the shipping charges. Customer can make the rational choice among the pharmacists as per his requirement and can make a profitable deal.

To upload your prescription, follow the process carefully:

1. Log on to the www.Dawa4u.com.

2. Now, on the home screen, you are provided with the Upload Prescription button on the top-right beside the search engine.

3. Click the button to proceed to the uploading prescription page.

4. Click on upload prescription button at the top to upload the image file from your storage.

5. Select the range in which you want to let your prescription forwarded to the pharmacists. Here you are provided with two options:

a. Prescription range in kilometer: by selecting this option, your prescription will be forwarded to the pharmacists registered on our platform, in the radius of your specified range from your location. You can adjust the meter to set your range in Km.

b. Prescription in city: this option will allow your prescription to reach to all the pharmacists registered on our platform with in the whole city.

6. Then complete the required details, mention note to the pharmacists if any.

7. Address can be provided by your current location and also you can change it with the help of map.
a. You can also provide the address manually.
b. Enter your contact number and click Ok.

8. Finally, after completing all the fields, click on the Save button to forward your prescription to the pharmacists as per your selected range.

Note: this whole process was done by an unregistered user. The customer needs not to register himself to upload his prescription.

Same is the process for the registered user. He simply needs to login and click on upload prescription button and rest the process is same. He needs not to fill the details because they are filled as default. He can make the changes if any and click save to forward his prescription to numerous pharmacists.

Now the pharmacists will reply to the costumer’s prescription with the order price and details. Costumer can make the rational selection among the pharmacists and proceed for purchase.

Purchase Online

Purchase at ease is one of the salient features of our platform. We have made it quite easy for you that you can get your required medicines delivered at your doorsteps as per your requirements at any point in time.

Purchasing as a customer

If you are a customer, then you can purchase your required medicine, either by uploading the prescription or by using the search engine.

You can get the process to upload a prescription on our home page.

The prescription uploaded will be replied by various pharmacists with order price. You can make your choice among them for purchasing your medicine. Prescription replied with the lowest price will be shown at the top of all. You are provided with the purchase button, clicking it, you can proceed to purchase the order.

Now, the next step is that you have to select the shipping type. In the overview and payment tab, you can see the order price and the shipping price. You can apply a voucher code to attain a discount if you have. Finally, check the box of terms and conditions and proceed with the Pay now option.

Clicking the pay now button, you will proceed to the payment gateway, where you can select the payment option as per your convenience and proceed for payment.

You will receive a message for successful payment and an OTP.

Please share the OTP with the pharmacist when your order is successfully delivered. Henceforth, thetransaction will be successful.