Refund and Cancellation

How do I raise return?

Open delivered order you have an issue with, click on dispute button. Fill in details for what about dispute. your request would be sent to the seller.

How does the dispute handling work?

Every case that is raised to Dawa4u, our team will contact both, seller and the buyer and understand the issue between both. However, we would only consider an issue a dispute if both seller and buyer are not able to reach to a middle grounds on their own and have conflict of opinion. Post we have a clarity on the matter, either of the party who is responsible for the dispute shall be asked to solve the case

What is the return Policy?

Dawa4u is a market place to help manufacturer/traders and retailers in trading and expanding their business. We do not buy or sell any goods on our own. Thus, we do not have any return policy of our own. Any complain that a buyer raises is sent to the seller and both the parties can talk and solve it. However Dawa4u will help the two come to a mutually accepted decision in case of a dispute or cases where buyer and seller are not able to communicate or get in touch with each other